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Facebook’s Most Read Books of 2012… and the Giveaway Winner!

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I may be a bit behind the curve on this super cool infographic (perhaps you saw this around the new year), but it was so interesting that I just had to share it.  In the past, I shared a list of the most read books in the past 50 years; below, you’ll find something slightly narrower in scope but also fascinating nonetheless, Facebook’s Most Read Books of 2012.

Most Read Books 2012 infographic - Novel Conclusions - literary blog - writing blog - Christi Gerstle

Facebook’s 2012 Most Read Books of the Year via

I was most surprised by The Great Gatsby’s appearance on the list.  Although the source of this infographic doesn’t philosophize on why some books might be on the list, I wonder if Gatsby made it due to the publicity for the upcoming movie, English teachers hitting it a little more than normal, or just that the book is one of those that sticks.

Giveaway Winner

DRUMROLL… gave me the gorgeously round number 575.  This makes Tracy Cembor, with the number 500, the winner of Cassandra Clare’s Clockwork Princess!  Congrats Tracy!  You can check out her blog over at

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  1. People are still reading HP.. thats great!

  2. I just purchased The Great Gatsby because I finished reading A Moveable Feast and he (Fitzgerald) was featured prominently in the book so I thought I would like to read it. Didn’t know that it was suddenly popular. 🙂

  3. Congrats to Tracy. And I guess I’m not too surprised at the books on this list.

  4. I’ve never really understood ‘The Great Gatsby’s’ popularity. Was never one of my favorites. I suppose I shouldn’t have admitted that…

  5. I feel so weird. I usually think of myself as an out-of-the-box thinker, but in the last year, I’ve read 4 of those books and attempted to read 2 more (couldn’t get into them).

    • It’s good to read the popular books as well as the more obscure ones; I think it gives you a more interesting perspective on both.

  6. Yes! Finally someone writes about 24 fitness.

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