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How a Book is Born

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Today is the day for a short post.  Galley Cat over at recently shared this oh-so-fantastic infographic that absolutely deserves more blog love.  You can find the origin of the infographic over at

My favorite part of this infographic is that it is never ending; no matter where you are on the chart, you can end up with a book about goat farming (or publish a novel).  What would you add to this chart?  Perhaps a section on self-published books?  Perhaps a section on unicorns?

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How an Idea Becomes a Book via

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  1. realanonymousgirl2011

    I’m thinking I should hang up the writing career and just become a goat farmer. It seems all roads lead to Rome. Lol

  2. I love this. I sure would like to be on Stephen King and Lady Gaga’s side of the flow chart though. 😉

  3. I had to laugh at the “copyeditor quits in horror.” Because that’s been my fear. I would add to the chart, “Relatives request free copies, thus ensuring that you receive no royalties for your book.”

  4. I love it! Shows how arbitrary it all is or at least seems. A lot like life itself, I guess. At first the graphic makes it all seem so daunting, but then rather inspiring in a way. It doesn’t matter, win or lose, publish or perish–things will be the way they will. And we just keep on doing what we must, out of love for the craft or sheer stubbornness. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’ve loved keeping up with you on your blog, so I’ve just nominated you for the Sunshine Award! Come check out my blog to see details:

  6. You are awesome. So awesome that I nominated you for the Shine On award:

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