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2013 in Review: Top 5 Posts of the Year

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January is a fantastic time for reflection on the previous year.  As 2014 swirls around us in anticipation of all the lovely projects we’re creating and building, this is a great time to assess where we are.  2013 proved to be a fantastic year of growth for the Novel Conclusions blog, thanks to all of you who are visiting and reading and commenting and generally being supportive.  I love creating conversation and fostering good writing and writing-related ideas.

In honor of the conclusion of 2013, I’d like to share the 5 most popular Novel Conclusions posts of 2013, courtesy of the WordPress stats genie.  Although my semi-controversial take on TFA is an outlier, it seems that my meaty writing discussion posts have been attracting the most attention over my flightier infographic posts (though those are fun and will definitely continue to appear here now and then).  In descending order:

#5:  What Do Your Fears Say About You?
How can you use your characters’ fears to reveal more about them?

#4:  5 Things Olivia Blanchard Got Wrong: In Defense of Teach for America
In response to Olivia Blanchard’s piece in The Atlantic – a bit about my Teach for America experience, including quitting the program, and why I still think TFA makes a  difference

#3:  What’s So Great About Unreliable Narrators?
How having fantastically biased characters gives your novel some bite

#2:  What Makes Love Triangles So Compelling?
Why are so many of us fascinated by love triangles?

#1:  Inciting Incidents and Why They Rock Your Plot
How inciting incidents can be a magnificent tool for you to shape your plot and give your story staying power

It’s so much fun to find so many other writing and reading-related blogs and to part in and foster conversation about the book world.  I keep finding more new and creative sides to the book and writing world that I didn’t know before.

What was your most popular post on your blog this past year?  What do you find attracts readers to your blog?

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  1. I write on a variety of topics, some useful, others pure silly, but if I don’t count my freshly pressed post, the most popular post on my site was ’15 Steps for Dealing with a Bad Book Review.’ People love misery, don’t they? 😉

    I’ve really enjoyed connecting with you here, and I always look forward to your posts. As I’ve mentioned before, you make me think about writing issues in a new light. 🙂

    • I really enjoy visiting your blog as well — and I remember one of the first posts I read on your blog was a great one about tips for a book signing. It was fun and useful and a great little intro to The Write Transition. There’s such a huge universe of writing-related topics to write about; I’m glad you enjoy visiting my little corner. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the shout-out! Usually interviews are my most popular posts. But the most popular non-interview post was one when I had a horrible day at the unemployment office. It’s amazing what a crappy day can do for your popularity. 🙂

  3. I like #1, on inciting events. I always thought that Michael Corleone was the best possible example of a reluctant protagonist being forced into a role he’s naturally good at—not without conflicts from family, politics, and the criminal underworld, of course.

    Thanks for this recap, Christi! Very useful.

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